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the boys

koyama keiichiro

Frequently called Koyama or Kei-chan, born May 1, 1984, currently 23 and recently graduated from college [He studied at Meiji University]. Koyama's the oldest and tallest member of NEWS. He is a chatterbox, as in yes, most of the time he is yapping away. Kei talks a mile a minute, he MCs, has his own radio show, hosts Shokura, and just talks and talks and talksxinfinity. He never gets tired of talking, but surprisingly, he knows when to stop. [Yamapi once said that Koyama stops chatting away when he knows that everyone is tired from a shoot/whatever. Such a sweetie. :D] Kei's also the mother figure in the band, he really takes care of everyone, especially Tegoshi. Everyone's really grateful to him for taking care of them. XD Also, people tease him 'single eyelids' because of his, well, single eyelids. XD Koyama owns a cat named Nyanta, and from what I've seen, he's pretty fluffy and cute. XD Nyanta's often mentioned in his jweb, and he often has playdates with Shige's imaginary cat. Yes. XD His family also owns a ramen shop [and Ryo has said that he wants Koyama to take him there XD] in where he helps out when he's there. :3

kato shigeaki

NEWS' resident prodigy, rock star and boy genius, frequently called Shige or Kato-kun, [other nicknames include Ge-shi, Shigeko, Shigeako] born July 11, 1987 in Osaka, currently 19 years old, and is in college, studying at Aoyama University with Law as his course. Shige has self-confidence issues -- he thinks he isn't that popular and drowns himself in the thought that he doesn't have a ton of fans like Pi and the others. What he doesn't know is that he actually has bajillions of fangirls all ready to kiss the ground he walks on and become his minions. He's very talented, -- he composes songs, he has his own column in Myojo where his brilliant essays are printed, he plays the guitar, he sings, he plays basketball and tennis! Have I mentioned that he's very intelligent? XDD He's actually considered as the smartest member of NEWS. Shige also owns a jweb where he writes in third person, through his cat Wagahai. Wagahai is Shige's imaginary cat, and he often has playdates with Koyama's real cat, Nyanta. Uhm, right. XD Most Shige fans became Shige fans because of his awesome jweb. Also, Shige can fall asleep anywhere. XD I've said Shige's a genius at everything, right? Well then, give him scissors or a camera then he just simply fails. XD

the one true pairing

gif animation by pockysiana

[SC 2005.07.10]
Shige: So, Massu, what do you cherish?
Massu: Eh? I treasure Shige of course. Shige. What about shige?
Shige: Me? Koyama.
Massu: What?? Not me?
Shige: *laughs* No, no, no, it's Massu.

First, Koyama and Shigeaki have been bffs since God knows when [probably way before their group with a name that isn't very hard to guess :D], and God, their OTP is the most adorable OTP in NEWS. XD The two of them are almost always together! Evidences of their 'dates' can be found in their respective jwebs. Speaking of jwebs, the moments they spend together isn't enough because y'know, they write about each other in their jwebs. You'll find that every entry almost every entry in Kei's jweb has to mention Shigeaki in one way or another. Shige also does the same. XD They also reveal their plans to set up playdates for their cats, Koyama's real cat Nyanta and Shige's non-existant cat, Wagahai. How the heck those playdates between those two cats go, I have no idea. XD

If Jin and Kame have matching pinky rings, well, Kei and Shige have matching earrings. :D Shige's isn't really that obvious but if you look closely, you'll notice that him and Koyama have the same earring pierced on the same part of the ear. XD I think they should also get matching rings, but then Jin would probably kill them. XD

From this translation done by riccichan, Shige thinks that him and Koyama are totally identical. Totally married, I say. Isn't it awesome that they did the same thing? Hilarious and adorable at the same time. :3

Whenever Koyama celebrates his birthday, Shige is always the first one to greet. Koyama receives it at exactly 12 AM, and his greeting always has a passionate mail attached. XD This year, however, Shige failed to greet his bff at exactly 12 AM. Tegoshi was the one who did that. Koyama received Shige's greeting late in the morning, and as always, there was a passionate mail with it. Koyama wondered why Shige wasn't the first one to greet him.

In this [f-locked!] translation done by nbj_jweb, Shige asks Koyama if he'd be always with him, Kei anwers yes, he'll be with him forever. Isn't that really sweet? :D

Kei has a special ringtone for Shige [and the rest of NEWS. XD]. :D That's really cute! XD Kei's bad habit of not answering phone calls, mails or texts makes Shige worry so much. XD Also, Koyama and Shige talk to each other every day/every night. xD He also reminds Shige to go to sleep. :D

Koyama and Shige sort of balance each other. Kei's sillyness reminds Shige that it's alright to be silly and to have fun while Shige's seriousness reminds Kei that he has to act his age and be mature. XD

i'm sold! i need more koyashige!

gif animation made by theochan

fic recs;

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clips & audio;

If anyone out there has the KoyaShige tissue fight in the HwM LE DVD, the clip of Massu asking Shige what he cherishes [Shokura 2005.07.10 produced by Koyama and the theme is 'cherish'], and some more KoyaShige audio stuff [like K-chan NEWS with Shige as guest] and clips, I beg of you, please please please xinfinity share them. :D Thank you! *gives you KoyaShige cookies*

• Koyama and Shige go on a date to a chewing gum factory.
• Koyama and Shige go on a date again, this time, to a pencil factory.
• Koyama and Shige go on an another date again, this time, they cooked Hiyokos.
• Shige dresses up as a geisha and Koyama spits his rice out. [MF]
• KoyaShige share a bowl of Miyazaki Chicken Nanba.
• KoyaShige singing Tackey&Tsubasa's Yume Monogatari. [MF]
• Shige performs 'Kakao' and then Kei joins him on stage and they perform 'Chirarizumu'. [MF]
Fancam of Chirarizumu [MF]

Chirarizumu audio rip [by theochan]


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CREDITS: news_jpop, theochan, riccichan, nbj_jweb, pockysiana, boys_paper, koyashigedake, Elegant Koyama, Google, K1SS Forums, and God knows where. XD
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  • #bestmemoriesof2012

    twentytwelve best of twentytwelve BOOKS/GRAPHIC NOVELS ▨ young avengers: children's crusade ▨ american vampire…